Touring Teddies are teddy bears that tour and explore, sending letters, photos, souvenirs & more, then come home to your door!

Gift a child with the magic of mail, a new teddy friend, and a love for our world!

Meet Our Touring Teddies

Journey with our furry friends...

Soft, sweet and adventurous, sending your child personalized letters & so much more, then showing up at the door! 

Currently Available: Touring Teddies 'Bernardo in Italy' & 'Hugo in France'.


View bernardo's luggage

Hugo in France

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3 Beary Simple Steps


1: Choose Your Touring Teddy

Choose Touring Teddy Bernardo in Italy or Hugo in France - or get both for siblings! 


2: Choose Your Shipping: WEEKLY or SINGLE

WEEKLY: Your child gets a package a week, for four (4) consecutive weeks. Proven to be a grandparents' favorite!

SINGLE: Get all 4 packages in one shipment. Directions list the order for presenting and opening the packages. With this option the parent sets the pace of the adventure!  


3: Get FOUR Personalized Packages!

Your young explorer gets 4 fun-filled, hand-stamped packages. Each contains a personalized letter, plus so much more. The fourth package brings Touring Teddy, home at the door! 

What you get


Surprise the young explorer in your life with the gift that keeps on giving - and coming - week after week!

The anticipation and excitement that builds from one package to the next, fosters a love for reading and cultural learning. Parents appreciate the educational touch, and kids just love getting 'surprises' in the mail. Don't we all :)

For Your In'fur'mation ...

Letters 'from' Teddy

Each of the four packages includes a personalized letter to your child 'from' Touring Teddy. These letters introduce your child to the country represented, and go on to describe teddy's exciting adventures as he tours and explores cities and landmarks within his country. 

The letters are illustrated with child-like drawings, seeming as if they were doodled by the young teddy bear. For the child that is not yet reading fluently, these colorful drawings help bring teddy's travels to life.  

Fact-Filled Photos

There are so many fun photos included - over 25 of them!  Nearly each has a description and/or a fun-fact or two.  Kids get a kick at seeing their very own Touring Teddy pictured in front of famous country landmarks,  enjoying delicious food, playing sports and more, all in his country. 

The photos tie in with Touring Teddy's journey, described in his letters. For the child (and grown-up) that enjoys a visual, these photos are a real treat, and create a memorable reading experience.

The photo album in the introductory package includes a language card in the rear flap.  Kids are proud to learn to count the numbers in French or Italian, printed with the English pronunciation to make learning easy. Basic phrases such as please, thank you and teddy bear, are included too!

Surprise Souvenirs

The novelty toy souvenirs that are included are there to surprise and delight. Reference is made to them within teddy's letters, thereby adding to the memorable reading experience of this shared travel adventure.

Each souvenir is wrapped in a cloth gift bag with the following note: 'A Gift 4U. Please read my letter before opening!' ~ We can't promise every child will hold off, but we had to try ;)  

Exciting Extras

But that's not all...

A child-friendly recipe card is included with each Touring Teddy. These ethnic-inspired recipes are made mention of in teddy's letters. The recipe encourages family interaction; baking together builds memories, warms the heart - and the tummy. Yummy...Delizioso!

Two Touring Teddies Postcards are also included in the 4th package, encouraging children to keep the magic of mail alive. Plus a 'country activity sheet' offers yet an extra way to enjoy active learning fun!

NOTE: MINI-PALS and SOUVENIRS are subject to change without notice to items of equal or similar value. 

Choose a Touring Teddy To begin your journey


Bernardo in Italy



Hugo in France


Read what parents have to say :)

Kids love receiving personalized packages from Touring Teddy, and parents love the non-electronic educational touch...


"As a veteran teacher and a mom, I am always on the lookout for fun and educational products.  When I discovered Touring Teddies, I knew it would be a big hit at home and in the classroom. The weekly gift packages are beautiful and durable, providing hours of interactive imaginative play, an engaging storyline and interesting facts about the bears' home countries.  My daughters are in love, just as I am, with our new BFF's! (Best Furry Friends!)"

Allyson Israel, Teacher & Parent

"I just wanted to tell you how much my kids enjoyed all the things sent in the Touring Teddies packages. They were so excited and really looked forward to getting each letter... the little gifts that came along with it were adorable. They kids were especially happy to show off the picture album when we had a family from Italy eat by our house! I already passed on the word about Touring Teddies to my friends...!"

Fay Markowitz, Parent

Bear hugs making a difference!

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