Feb. 14 - Touring Teddies have a secret admirer?!

For those of you on the east coast - how are you enjoying this lovely weather? For those of you on the west coast - can you send us some sunshine please? 
Well  whatever the weather, there are some terrific people out there, making sure the mail gets delivered. 'Neither Rain nor Sleet nor Snow...'
This afternoon, Hugo decided to go sledding and when he got back he found a package at the door! It was addressed to Touring Teddies with no gift card, or message on the outside of the box to indicate who it was from. Needless to say, Hugo was curious! Hugo took the box inside and removed his snow gear.  He opened the box and discovered yet another box within, this one wrapped so beary beautifully! 


"Hey, Bernardo, come take a look! "

Bernardo helped Hugo open the gift box. They moved aside the tissue, searching for a card. 
"Who is it from?" Hugo asked. 
"Maybe there's a note underneath the tissue" said Bernardo.

Well, there was no note to be found, but there was a delicious looking caramel & chocolate covered  apple, made by 'Mrs. Prindables', with an adorable mini teddy bear sitting at the top!

"Ooh, he's soooo cute! Could you take a picture of us Bernardo, s'il vous plait?"


Hugo and Bernardo looked inside and out for a clue as to where this lovely package came from. Bernardo said, "Someone out there must really love us!". Hugo agreed.

"Well, whoever sent us this yummy treat wanted us to enjoy it, and so we shall."

Hugo was still feeling a bit cold from being out in the snow earlier and so he suggested making some hot cocoa. Bernardo set the table ever so beautifully in honor of their new little guest. They opened the beary special treat from the beary special secret admirer and each had a slice. Mmmmm.....

Hugo wished their new little guest "Bon appétit!" in French and Bernardo wished their little friend "Buon appetito!" in Italian. 

Then the three teddies enjoyed their healthy delicious treat together!


To the Touring Teddies secret admirer who sent this lovely gift of love on this month of February -  we want to know who you are so we may say  Merci & Grazie!

For all our Touring Teddies friends and Kickstarter backers - You're awesome! Your support warms our hearts! Please keep spreading the word so that we can get these cuddly Touring Teddies into the arms of a child you adore!

Big bear hugs! 



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