Then and Now

How true is the image below?! My, how the world changes. It also expresses the concept of the Touring Teddies experience; that of introducing today's kids to the magic of mail. If adults get this excited at seeing a handwritten letter in a pile of boring bills (and you know you do!), then imagine the excitement of a child at receiving a personalized envelope.

Try it yourself today! Take some time in the next few hours to put a smile on a child's face - whether it be to a child of your own or to someone you care about. Find a piece of paper or a card - write a sentence or two - add a doodle  - address it, stamp it and put it in the mail. Your envelope will surely bring on a smile or two - one to the lucky recipient and one to you!

I always find that the act of giving has me receiving - don't you?

Sending a bear hug your way, 


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