Touring Teddies Terrific Tuesday!

Tuesdays are good days! Make that bear-ific days! 

This Tuesday marked the reaching of our Kickstarter goal - hooray! A beary big THANK YOU to each of our backers! We couldn't have done this without you. Our Touring Teddies are jumping for joy and can 'bear'ly wait to begin their travels and make new friends.  This past Tuesday was a special day as well.

We enjoyed an evening of Touring Teddies n' Tastings. It was a delicious success. Ethnic edibles included French onion soup, croissants, French cheeses, baguettes, chocolate mousse... 

Need we go on? Oui, oui, we must!

Italian specialties featured pasta dishes and cannoli...what a fun!                     Touring Teddies Hugo and Bernardo were absolutely stuffed. (Pun intended!)


A Beary Big thank you to Nechama Fish who was our hostess with the most-est!           Her mousse was outstanding as was her home and hospitality. 

And Pnina Feig's tiramisu had us exclaiming, "oooh!"

For the creme brulee too - a special thanks to you!

Last but not least - a thank you to all who came to support the teddies. The night was a success because of each and every one of you. Bear hugs for all!

One more picture - say "Cheese!" 

More parties to come...until then, 

Bon Appétit! 

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