Touring Teddies - Popping in for the Holidays!

Cele-bear-ate with a Touring Teddy! Order now and enjoy a weekly package delivered to a child you love - for the entire holiday month! Unique gift for birthdays too!

For those of you new to the experience, Touring Teddies is an educational gift made up of 4 weekly packages. Theses fun-filled packages consist of letters, travel photos, souvenirs and more. The final package contains your Touring Teddy! (see How-it-Works

Teddy Tidbits...

In recent months since our Kickstarter campaign, we have been beary busy arranging for supplies and 'travel arrangements' necessary.  Bernardo in Italy & Hugo in France, have since shared their travel adventures with many children  - thanks to the support from our awesome backers.

The feedback from parents, grandparents, aunt and uncles has been tremendous. Emails and photos were forwarded, some picturing kids smiling in wonder upon opening their introductory packages from their Touring Teddies, others of kids baking the ethnic recipes sent along with the teddy letters, and yet more containing photos of kids cuddled with teddies, Bernardo and Hugo, upon arriving home from their travels. Each and every one sent my way warms my heart and makes my day - thank you!! Please keep them coming! Bear hugs, Leah

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