One Bear, Two Bear... Journey to a New Year!

A new year brings new places and new faces. 

As we journey into 2015, I look back at all the wonderful moments, and extend my utmost appreciation to all those who helped bring Touring Teddies to life over the past year. As we journey forward into 2015, I am beary excited for the many opportunities that present themselves for yet more ways to bring on the smiles, by sharing Touring Teddies gift experiences with families all over.

This year is off to a happy start indeed!

January 4th, Touring Teddies presented at the Annual In The Glow Festival in Brooklyn, New York. 
Touring Teddies postcards and magnets were handed out, as well as tasty snacks and beverages, enjoyed by our 'First Class Tourists', visitors to our booth. The kids there were awesome - asking the most wonderful and naturally curious questions about the teddies and the countries they represent. One young fellow even suggested ways to motorize our teddies' legs, so that they can realistically tour and explore by foot. Now that's part of the magic of a Touring Teddies gift experience - to get kids to think and imagine. I believe that young boy may very well become an accomplished engineer! Grazie! We will definitely keep that suggestion in mind for the future!!! 


Also this month: Our first request for a customized Touring Teddies gift experience by a preschool.
This is a beary big milestone, as a school version was already in the works for our next stage of expansion.
We immediately called for a meeting with the teddies, and they could 'bear'ly contain their excitement at the idea of sharing their travel adventures with kids at school! The arrangements were quickly made, and customized 'letters from teddy' were created for a classroom setting, along with 'souvenirs' for students to share. If you and/or your school is interested in a Touring Teddies Classroom Edition, please be in touch 'fur' the custom details!


Last, but not least, the teddies received bear-ific feedback from the wonderful informative site,! They tweeted about our teddies, and we tweeted Merci right back, of course! Next month Touring Teddies will be featured as a 'Grand Giveaway' on their site, so be sure to sign up for a chance to win!

All in all,  2015 is off to a bear-ific start, and with your support in spreading the word we hope to make many more children happy by introducing them to the magic of mail and our wonderful world! Please 'Like' us on Facebook, and if you know of anyone looking to cele'bear'ate an occasion by sending a unique gift to a child they care about, go ahead and tell them about Touring Teddies. They will thank you for it. That's 'Fur' Sure! 

Beary best for the year ahead,

Lead Pilot, Touring Teddies World-Wide

PS. On a more personal note: At the show mentioned above, I reconnected with my best friend from 2nd grade - we haven't seen each other in 35 years!! Needless to say, it was as if not a day had passed (except that we were both a wee bit taller)! The Touring Teddies are on a most memorable journey, and I'm so beary glad to share these special moments with you! What a way to start the year. With smiles, friends and lots of hugs!




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