Touring Teddies & Operation Smile :)

How Good it is to Give! 

As you know, our teddies are all about love, learning and giving, so when speaker and author Paula Rosario recently informed us that Operation Smile was interested in a Touring Teddies gift for their upcoming Grin Gala event, we were beary thrilled indeed!

Supporting this worthy organization bring us great joy, for our goal is one and the same - to make children smile :)

Our donation of 'Hugo in France' is on its way. We send along wishes of continued success to Olivia Machado, Sarah Todd, and all involved, in creating hope and happiness with Operation Smile.

Of course, we extend a huge THANK YOU to Paula for connecting us. She's the beary best! Merci Beaucoup! 

*Paula Rosario is the fabulous founder of Spark Leadership - For Your Life and Biz 



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