Bears & Sharks?? Touring Teddies Go for Shark Tank!

Took a journey to Portland, Maine this week for Shark Tank's casting call.

The photo above was taken from the slide show in the news article, here:

Had a blast and met amazing people;

Stephanie Lay of Maine Tex Grilled Salsa is changing the world of autism for the better - with salsa! Awesome!!

Jeddy Nevells of Naturally Jammin' - Jams sweetened with pure honey! Our teddy bears sure love honey ;)

Dianna Ploss of Pur-Sip, and other wonderful people with amazing products and inventions.

Waiting on line to audition, surrounded by so many people with hopes and dreams for a chance at making a difference, in their lives and in others, was an experience like no other.

A big THANK YOU to ABC's Shark Tank for keeping the American Dream alive and well :)

Beary best of luck to all!!!


& The Touring Teddies Team

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