40 Bears + 4 Hospitals = Hugs 4 the Kids!

December 22, 2016

How good it feels to give... :)              

What better way to celebrate the holidays than by giving? 

Charity begins in our own backyard... After living nearly a quarter of a century here in Rockland County, New York, I decided the teddies would do best this season by traveling to our local hospitals. After all, who could use a bear hug more than a child stuck in the hospital over the holidays? 

The Itinerary for Thursday, 10am - 2pm: 

Journey to Helen Hayes Hospital, Nyack Hospital, Blythdale Children's Hospital, and Good Samaritan Hospital

That's 4 hospitals x 10 bears each = 40 Bear Hugs for the Holidays (In 4 hours!)

I cannot properly express the feeling I had driving home, after having dropped off all those teddy bears. Feeling grateful, ever so grateful, to have been able to give. Feeling sadness that those in need of comfort could use so much more. Feeling hope, upon having met wonderful people, who work with such dedication to make life better for others.

Many thanks to the amazing staff members at each hospital who helped with the arrangements. The thought of the smiles the teddies are sure to bring simply warms my heart.

Wishing you and yours Happy Holidays!!

May we always be on the giving side.

Beary best always,


Lead Pilot,
Touring Teddies World-Wide

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  • Wow. Such a great idea. Huge mitzva. Im sure the kids loved it.

    Ahuva Dubinsky

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