Destination GKTW = Destination Smiles :)

When I first started this company I wanted it to stand for something meaningful. It does, and I am proud of that. But beyond the actual Touring Teddies gift and the smiles it brings, I wanted to be sure our company stood for caring on a greater scale as well. Caring to bring smiles to kids who need it now. 

When I heard of Give Kids The World, I knew that it was the perfect destination for our Tender Teddies. This magnificent organization was started by holocaust survivor, Henri Landwirth. The story of why and how he started GKTW moved me to tears. The amazing individuals who volunteer there, do everything possible to bring on the smiles for the kids and their families who come to Give Kids The World Village. This weekend I just received an email informing us that the teddies we shipped had arrived, and would be given to the children :)  

That definitely put a smile on my face, and warmed our hearts - and if you ordered a Touring Teddy in the past, know that this giving was made possible because of you, too. Thank you!!

I hope to be able to send many more as our company grows. For each Touring Teddy gift that is ordered, a 'Tender Teddy' will be donated. What better way to show we care, than with hugs from a teddy bear?!

Beary Best,


To learn about Give Kids The World Village, visit

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