A Beary Cool Blossom

Hi! Hope all is warm and wonderful by you all :)

I write this as I look out my window at a true winter scene. Snow is falling, and I can see that there's already about a foot of it piling on my deck. One bird braves the blizzard and enjoys the birdseed all to himself (I threw a handful out minutes ago.) Being as it’s mid-March, it will probably be our final snowfall of the year. I don’t complain. Instead, I enjoy my morning coffee and the Narnia-like scene in front of me. 

Still, I can’t help think of Spring. I sure am looking forward to it. I’m especially looking forward to the flowers; one in particular, called Queen of the Night. 

My aunt was over for the weekend, and told me of this beautiful flower which blossoms only once a year. For only ONE night!! By morning the show is over. If you miss it, well, you need to wait another full year. She was lucky enough to witness the 'grand opening’ of this majestic flower while visiting her daughter in Australia.

The way my aunt described it had me rushing online to check it out. Within minutes I had watched a number of videos, and looked for sources on where I can get a plant of my own, as they grow well in containers. My aunt seemed to be enjoying my enthusiasm, though she didn’t quite get why I’d bother with it all. “Raise it for months?? Only to see it blossom for one night???"

I told her yes, that I plan to do exactly that - with her! I invited her there and then to come over the night before it blossoms. I’d prepare the coffee and the cake, and she'd bring her charming self. We’ll stay up late for the ‘opening’ event. It will be such fun.

She laughed again, but we had a deal!

Yet, later that evening, I thought into my aunt's question. Why would we wait a full year just to witness something so fleeting? Why was I so excited to do so? It must be, and please do comment if you feel otherwise, that it is for the memories to be had, for the experience, and yes, that feeling of anticipation is very much a part of it. It dawned on me too, at that very same moment, that this is the very magic that so many kids enjoy with the Touring Teddies gift! To be able to provide this amazing experience is simply awesome. 

Likewise, to raise this unusual flower and patiently wait for it to blossom the one night is a true gift experience. For it too, contains elements of anticipation and joy; of memories to be made - together. 

I just had to share this revelation, as it made me smile, big time!


Beary Blossoming Best!

Warmest regards, until spring,



P.S. Speaking of sharing… Here's how to grow Queen of the Night flowers. I personally ordered mine from Logee's, but I noticed that they are available on Amazon as well. Onceinabloom carries a perfume based on the fragrance of the flower, and the story of its creation is quite fascinating. As a final note, there's more than one variety of the Queen of the Night flower, so look into them if you are considering getting one for yourself. I’d love to hear if you do! Also, if you ever witnessed this blossoming wonder, please do share! 


Leah Chamish is founder and Lead Pilot @ Touring Teddies World-Wide


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