Touring Teddies Traveled to Kinneret Day School!

What better way to start off the school year, than with a visit from a Touring Teddy bear?! 

The first and second graders at the Kinneret Day School in Riverdale, NY, were the excited recipients of Bernardo in Italy, and Hugo in France, respectively.

Generously introduced to the school by the new Assistant Principal, Mrs. Allyson Israel, our two Touring Teddies were warmly welcomed. The teachers implemented the Touring Teddies experience to create a heightened level of learning fun that had us wishing we were back in school ourselves!

The teachers opened and shared the four adventure-filled packages with the students on a weekly basis, as per instruction. However, they also went above and beyond, expanding on the experience by having their students 'write back' to the Teddies.

A beary big THANK YOU goes out to Mrs. Israel, as well as the first and second grade teachers at Kinneret Day School, who truly embody the Touring Teddies mission; providing an experience that fosters a love for reading, writing and cultural learning, by "Exploring together, letter by letter!"


Below: A sampling of the beary delightful and expressive postcards, to Bernardo and Hugo, from first and second graders at Kinneret Day School.

Dear Hugo,  Gigi has her cozy spot on the shelf. We even put your picture with her. We have the blow-up globe and saw where you live. We can't wait for more pictures to come. You are our new best bear friend. Gigi is our cute and new friend.  I hope you fly home soon. Love Hadassah.

~ Touring Teddy, the Statue of Liberty ~

Ciao Bernardo, How are you? My name is Josephine. I am six years old. I like cars. I want to see you soon. 'Shalom' Love, Josephine 

Dear Hugo, You are the cutest bear I saw. Gigi is having fun and great time. I think you will like math and reading. Youwill have lots of fun in second grade! PS. You are real fun I guess.  I am Miri and my favorite food is peppers. What is your favorite food? My favorite animal is a leopard.  What is your favorite animal?...



~ Country flag, France ~

Dear Hugo, Gigi is doing fine. She is learning Hebrew and English. She is learning math, reading and writing. She is looking at us learn every day. I mean since we got her. How are you doing? How was it when you were looking around Paris? When will you come?  Love Zoe

Ciao Bernardo, How are you? My name is Dalev. I am six years old. I like puppies. I like teddy bears and can't wait to meet you! Love, Dalev

~ Touring Teddy, the Statue of Liberty ~


Touring Teddies are available to travel to your school by special order.  

Please Contact Us to customize your class experience, and/or to find out how your school can profit from running a Touring Teddies FUNdraiser 

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