Our Story

Touring Teddies is the brainchild of Leah Chamish, created as a way to provide today's kids with the magical experience of receiving mail from a far-away friend, while sharing a love for travel and our wonderful world.

Years back, Leah read her daughter a story about a little girl who lost her beloved stuffed animal. As time passed, letters would come in the mail describing its faraway adventures. Her daughter was completely taken in by the story. Right then Leah had an idea! She would send her daughter actual letters in the mail - only hers would be from a traveling teddy bear that would actually 'come home' when he completed his travels. 

The more she thought about it the more excited she got. Especially since most kids nowadays don't receive mail. Leah wanted her daughter to experience that feeling of joy at seeing her name on an envelope; opening the letter, reading it... to provide her with that very special memory. Leah then set about researching countries in Europe and proceeded to write letters 'from a touring teddy'. She 'delivered' those letters to her daughter, week after week, and followed those letters with a cuddly teddy bear.

Witnessing her daughter's delight during the experience prompted Leah to send a Touring Teddy to her nephew as well. This was a child who owned all the latest toys and gadgets, and up until then Leah had difficulty finding a gift that would capture his interest. It was at this point that Leah decided to add toy 'souvenirs' to the letters. Her nephew enjoyed his Touring Teddy gift to such an extent, that his mother asked Leah for five more to send to her friends for their children's birthdays. 

Over time, as the number of requests increased, Leah worked on adding the fact-filled travel photos, thereby enhancing the gift experience to the fullest. In February of 2014, Leah launched a Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign, to raise funds for the necessary supplies to start the company. Thanks to the encouragement and support from family, friends, Kickstarter backers, and a special reporter, the campaign was a success. Voilà!

Touring Teddies are now out and about, and bringing joy to kids all around. 

Leah's goal is to spark excitement and the imagination by providing a gift that allows today's kids to experience the magic of mail and our wonderful world; while at the same time offering adults the opportunity to present this truly unique and memorable gift of love and learning.


In my own words...

Creating a company is always a group effort. I am truly touched to the heart by everyone who backed Touring Teddies on Kickstarter, before, during and even after the campaign had ended. Your support helped me get Touring Teddies out into the world. I will 'fur'ever be grateful. Together we made many children happy, and I now have the opportunity to continue to do so. Merci! Grazie! Thank you!

To each of you who just arrived at the site today, a special Ciao, Bonjour, Hello! 
You're in for a treat, if I may say so myself!

Each gift experience is packed with the utmost love and care, and I am so excited to be able to provide you with this gift giving experience that creates memories, brings on smiles, and lots of bear hugs!

I welcome any and all feedback and would love to answer any questions you may have, so please do be in touch

The beary best always,


Leah Chamish, Founder and Lead Pilot
Touring Teddies World-Wide