Art Explorers

ART EXPLORERS Painting Program - For curious kids!

We are 'beary' excited to introduce the ART EXPLORERS Painting Program, located in Rockland County, NY. 

Art Explorers is a fun fusion of art, creativity, travel and the use of imagination.

Your child will learn to apply mural techniques to create beautiful paintings in a fun and relaxed setting. We will explore different countries around the world, and create works of art inspired by those wonderful places.

For a detailed itinerary of the classes, please scroll down below.

Class size is limited in order to provide proper attention to each child.

To see a sampling of my mural work, please visit

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Let the Fun and Adventure Begin!

*Custom time/day group sessions are based on availability, by request, for a minimum of 4 children.

Itinerary and Details:

  • Upon arrival at the first session, your child will receive a passport. This passport is to be brought back to each class, for it will get stamped after each painting session is completed. (Kids love this!)
  • Each session will be introduced with a light discussion about the country we explore that week, followed by an exciting painting session featuring artwork inspired by that country. Example: After we 'tour' Italy, we will paint a gondola on the Grand Canal in Venice.
  • Countries your child will 'tour':
  • France
  • Italy
  • Israel
  • Hungary
  • China
  • Africa
  • Russia
  • Netherlands
  • Japan
  • Australia
  • Your child will learn to sketch and paint using the PUMT method - Painting Using Mural Techniques. This method will be applied to canvas (9"x11"). 
  • Lessons will be taught at an age-appropriate level. Your child will distinguish specific elements on a variety of photos and drawings, and learn how to combine select images using mural painting methods, in order to create wonderful works of art.

  • Your child will be taught skills that can be used for personal painting enjoyment, as well as for creating beautiful posters for school projects.
  • Supplies Are Included! Yipee!
    • Occasionally light snacks may be served. Snacks are strictly Kosher, Non-Dairy & Nut-Free. If you prefer your child bring in their own, please let us know.
    • The final session will be followed by an art party to celebrate your child's creative efforts!

    This is adventure in art is not to be missed... Reserve your child's spot. Space is Limited.

    Expand on the learning experience by sending your child a Touring Teddy!