Art Explorers Journey :) Africa - Holland


We just completed our tour of Africa, with a visit to Kenya as our final stop.

Squinting our eyes, in the glaring sun, we spotted a giraffe not too far away...


Wait, what is that? An elephant too? What an awesomely wild view!

Our young artists created works of art that are simply hot, hot, hot :)

Now, off to The Netherlands we go... Holland, hello! or shall we say, 


But before we begin painting our Dutch scene, our young artists take a wee little break...

A musical windmill that was purchased in the Netherlands a few years back, stood as the centerpiece of our floral snack.

(My luck, the market was all out of tulip cookies!)

Then off to our easels we went, freshly inspired by our snack!

Want to see what our young explorers created? 

Well, then you'll have to just come on back :)

In the meantime, recreate this edible windmill at home, for fun.
Use an ice cream cone, wafers, cookies and candy. Yum, yum!

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