Art Explorers Journey :) Israel - Africa


When one mentions visiting Israel, many immediately picture The Kotel.

Painting the Kotel is a special journey in art exploration. This week we used sponges in a variety of sizes and shapes, and each student discovered which works best in order to form the different stones in their paintings. 

The blending of colors added texture too, and the end result was awe-inspiring to view!

Thinking of taking a trip with kids? Here is the Official Site for Israel Tourism. Le'hitraot!

Next, we took a journey to... Africa!

Wait! Before painting a new scene, we must break for a snack.

Animal crackers took us on a safari...
Zebras, elephants, lions, tigers, giraffes and monkeys, oh my! 

We discussed how there are many countries on the continent of Africa. We then dared to venture into the Sahara desert. Red, orange, and yellow covered our canvas, as we depicted the hot sunset.

What will we find roaming in Kenya? Wait until next week to find out!

In the meantime why not monkey around with this fun recipe we spotted at Get the recipe here :)

Hadi wiki ijayo! Until next week!

Thinking of visiting. Here's the Official Site for South Africa Tourism.