Art Explorers' Journey :) France - Italy


Yesterday was another fun-filled adventure for our Art Explorers!

The initail part of our painting session began with adding the final details to make our Paris painting complete.
X marks the spot - and quite a few got painted on the Eiffel Tower.
Some used pink, some used white. 
Some painted day and some painted night. 

Either way, the final result was more than all-right!!

Quite beautiful, actually! Ooh-la-la!


(Faces not shown for purpose of privacy.)

Then on to Italy (like Bernardo) we did travel...

Photo below from the Touring Teddies Gift Experience, 'Bernardo in Italy'.

A quick snack* break for kid cannoli*, a few facts about Italy, and a quick chat about pizza served as a tasty introduction for the following painting assignment. 

Greeting the girls in a mustache, gondolier hat and striped gondolier shirt, got them excited to try on their own furry black mustaches to get into character. As Italian ballads played in the background, we sketched out a gondola on the Grand Canal of Venice, Italy. We were swept away by all the fun we had :) 

Arrivederci! See all you talented explorers next week! 

*Snacks are strictly Kosher, no-bake, nut free and dairy-free.