Art Explorers' Journey :) Italy - Israel

Ciao and Shalom!

We’re onto week number three – Yipee!

Starting off with Italy :)

Painting in sections; the homes, the water, and gondola next.

Patience makes beautiful, and painting in layers is best.

Photo below from Bernardo in Italy's 4-Week Gift Experience for kids.

Our Art Explorers are becoming quite the savvy artists. 
Picking up techniques and implementing them with finesse! 

As our Venice scene dries between coats, do we sit around in our boats?

No siree! We are off to explore another country.


Israel here we come… yala, before the day is done!

Rulers for our lines, sea sponges too,

prepare the foundation of our paintings before they go on view.

Blue and white cookies we enjoyed as a snack, 

for these are the colors of the Israel flag.

Hamentachen were also on our plate, for Purim arrives on an upcoming date. 

In Israel there are many to be found, at this time of year where joy abounds.

Next week we will complete a painting, dare we aim for two?

Either way, to our young artists we say,
So proud of each and every one of you! 

Shalom, V’lehitraot!

Bear hugs,

P.S. Enjoy this hamentachen recipe from Nina Safar's Kosher in the Kitch :)

Funfetti Cheesecake Hamantaschen