Art Explorers - A Blast in France!

The first Art Explorers session took place yesterday. What a wonderful group of aspiring artists!

Our young art explorers checked in upon arrival, and received their passports for painting adventures. Everyone got a turn to stamp their own, using stamps signifying the country to be visited that day. First country to tour... France! Oui Oui! Meci!

Each art explorer received a beret - it's easier to paint like an artist when you feel like one! Red, yellow, green, blue, the hats were quickly donned - what fun!

Then, opening individual balloon bags to discover envelopes containing the day's art assignment, each explorer hopped through the hot air balloon (pictured on our mural that surrounds the entry to our studio), and took a spot at their art station.

We touched upon Paris - one lucky art explorer actually went to France - and began working on a sketch of the Eiffel Tower. We learned how to use a ruler to mark the center points of the canvas (yes, there is a good reason for learning math in school!), and how to use graphite carbon to transfer images. This was a eye-opening technique (often used in mural prep work), and everyone was delighted when we peeled back the carbon and their artwork was revealed beneath. Pretty cool!

A full hour of serious sketching is deserving of a serious snack break!

An Eiffel Tower constructed of delicious pink wafers (Leiber's) was unveiled. (*Inspired by photo below) All enjoyed wafer treats as our awesome assistant, Tova Ilanit, who is quite the artist herself, read about the geography of France and introduced a few fun facts about the country. 

*Eiffel Tower Cookie Sundae recipe From Ratatoulle What’s Cooking? A Cookbook for Kids by Thomas Keller

Eiffel Wafer Tower inspired by recipe found here:

 Tick tock, tick tock, one hour left before parents pick up!

Our artists quickly we went back to work. Blue, green, pink, black... brushstrokes top to bottom and right to left were repeated again and again, and our art explorers sure got the hang of it! High quality brushes make all the difference, too. A bit of taping, some more painting, and Viola! The Tower was the highlight of one painting after another, each with the original touch and flair of its artist. Wow! What a fun and productive morning! Both challenging and rewarding. Art Explorers be proud! We all issued a round of applause to acknowledge each other's painting efforts before finishing and washing up, and it warmed my heart to hear them compliment one another. A real sweet group, indeed!

Just before leaving one of our art explorers noticed the dozen blown up globes sitting on a table towards the exit. She asked if everyone could have one to take home. (These globe balls were originally blown up for the purpose of decorating the studio ceiling, but never quite made it that far.) Who could resist such a sweet request? And they would benefit the kids more in hand then from 8 feet up. So, they all got to take home a globe along with their artist berets. Lesson learned: Never hurts to ask :) Hooray! What a happy color-filled day!

In the following session, the paint will have dried and cured, and we will be putting last minute touches on our Eiffel Tower (quite possibly the most impressive part!). Then we'll be off once again, touring & exploring another country via art expression. 

For those of you who took your passports home - don't forget to bring them back Sunday! We will be stamping them upon 'arrival' at the next country.



I want to thank my amazing Art Explorers for all their enthusiastic painting efforts. I enjoyed each and every one of you, and am excited for you to continue to explore your talents! Thanks, as well, to Tova for her assistance; she has a great understanding of the techniques we implement and has an excellent rapport with kids. Of couse, merci beaucoup to all you wonderful parents for registering your children in our unique painting program. I look forward to continue sharing painting skills I acquired as a mural artist, while combining a love for the world around us. Thanks for allowing me that opportunity.



P.S. If you live in the Wesley Hills area and are interested in having your child  join the Art Explorers painting program, please Contact Us

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