Bernardo in Italy - The Gift Experience

Bernardo's Luggage: 4 Fun-Filled Packages!

Choose from 4 WEEKLY Shipments or 1 SINGLE Combined Shipment. 

SINGLE shipment includes simple directions listing the order for presenting and opening the four packages. 

Package 1: Your Intro to Fun!

Introductory Keepsake Luggage Box (8"x10"x3") contains the following:

  • Your Personalized Introductory Letter from Bernardo, introducing himself.
  • Blow-up globe to locate the country Bernardo is exploring - Italy!
  • Photo album for storing the photos Bernardo sends in the following packages.
  • A mini plush pal kitty cat of Bernardo's for you to hold onto as he travels.
  • A photo of your Touring Teddy Bernardo with the Italian flag as a backdrop.
Back flap of album is printed with basic phrases and counting 1-10 in Italian & English.

Package 2: Just for You!

  • Your 2nd Personalized Letter from Bernardo describing his travels.
  • 10 Photos of Touring Teddy Bernardo at sights and landmarks he visits in Italy.
  • Recipe Card for preparing an easy and delicious Italian inspired treat.
  • A Toy Souvenir* Pizza Pen from Bernardo (referred to in the letter). Enjoy!

 Package 3: Look & See!

  • Your 3rd Letter from Bernardo is a continuation of his adventures in Italy.
  • 10 More Travel Photos of Bernardo at sights he tours and places he explores.
  • Yet Another Souvenir*! A Balancing Eagle Toy (mentioned in Bernardo's letter) Just 4U!

Package 4: Who's at the door?

  • Touring Teddy Bernardo! Hooray! 
  • 4th Personalized Letter Bernardo is so 'beary' happy to be home with you!
  • Italy the Country - Activity Sheet further promotes learning fun. 
  • Two Touring Teddies Postcards for sending a note or a doodle to a friend :)
  • Reusable Touring Teddies Signature Drawstring Travel Bag 
  • Take Bernardo with you on your next travel adventure. Arrivederci!
      Touring Teddies... building memories, one letter at a time!