Are Touring Teddies just for birthday gifts?

The Touring Teddies Gift Experience make a great gift for just about any occasion;
  • Birthdays
  • Holidays
  • Sleepaway Camp Surprise
  • Just Because I Love You
  • Hospital Cheer / Get Well Soon Gift

In addition the introductory letter is personalized so that we can add "...in honor of your Preschool Graduation" or any other 'custom' occasion.

What age are the Touring Teddies ideally for?

Touring Teddies are geared primarily to kids between the ages of 5 - 9. However, they have been enjoyed by children up to eleven years of age. 

The letters are composed in a kid-friendly fashion, with childlike 'teddy-drawn' illustrations that add interest. Having the illustrated letters come 'from teddy' provide interest and motivation to read. Additionally, the included travel photos interact with the letters, and provide a playful visual of teddy's journey. For kids who have yet to become fluent readers, the photos and illustrations assist in bring Touring Teddy's letters to life.  


How many packages does the recipient receive?

The Touring Teddies Gift Experience consists of four unique adventure-filled packages.

Will there be additional Touring Teddies offered from other countries?

Yes, that is most definitely the plan for the future!!

Each Touring Teddy gift experience takes months to create; there is research that goes into the composition of the letters and photos, as well as into the the multitude of details that make each Touring Teddy experience an unforgettable one. 

Are the 'souvenirs' actually imported from the country the bear represents?

The toy 'souvenirs' included with the second and third package are novelty toys that add excitement to the reading experience. These toys are not imported from the bear's country. However, they will either relate to the country's culture or to an adventure had by the Touring Teddy as described in the letters sent to the child.

Do the packages and Touring Teddies actually come from other countries?

Touring Teddies represent foreign countries. All our packages are sent out from the Touring Teddies World-Wide Headquarters in New York, USA. However, the packages are custom designed to look as though stamped by a dear friend in a foreign country. The final result is a package that is personalized for the child and looks 'well-traveled'. 

Do Touring Teddies come in additional colors?

Currently we offer the two tan bears with two different and distinct looking faces. We are looking to add additional teddies as well as other animals (kangaroo, lion, panda...) as our Touring Teddies take on additional countries in the future.

How much will a child learn of the country their Touring Teddy represents?

Touring Teddies provides a fun and engaging way for kids to become familiar with a foreign country, however does not contain lesson-type learning. Select details regarding the country are 'slipped into' the letters and facts are displayed on the photos. The intention is to introduce kids to the enjoyable experience of receiving mail from a faraway friend, and have them pick up a fact (or a few) as they read.

What do you gain from giving a Touring Teddy?

  • You receive the satisfaction of having given a meaningful gift that will be remembered and appreciated. 
  • Touring Teddies bridges the generation gap. The gift experience opens a path for the sharing memories of mail as well as dreams of travel with our younger generation. This connection is most rewarding.
What does a young recipient gain from the Touring Teddies Gift Experience?
  • The Touring Teddies experience provides precious memories of receiving mail from a faraway (furry) friend.
  • Touring Teddies letters and photos contain information on the country the Touring Teddy is from, thereby providing a child with new-found knowledge.
  • The toy ‘souvenirs’ create anticipation for the oncoming letter, thus promoting further reading.
  • Touring Teddies will pique a child’s curiosity, and will foster an appreciation of other cultures.
  • Touring Teddies provide a wonderful way for parent and child to connect and interact by discussing the places their Touring Teddy visits.
  • Touring Teddies brings joy and encourages the use of imagination. 
“Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.”  Albert Einstein 

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