How it Works

Provide an Interactive Parent-Child Gift Experience 

3 Simple Steps: 

1. Choose a Touring Teddy

Choose from:

Hugo in France Bernardo in Italy 

...or get both for siblings!

 2. Choose Your Shipping Method: WEEKLY or SINGLE

WEEKLY: We send your young explorer a package a week - for 4 consecutive weeks.
Enjoy magic of mail in 'real-time'. This option is a grandparents' favorite! 
SINGLE: Receive all 4 fun-filled packages in one-combined-shipment.
With this option the parent sets the pace of the gift adventure! 

Includes an introduction to your gift, and simple directions listing the proper order to present the packages.

3. Get 4 Fun-Filled Packages from Touring Teddy!

Your young explorer gets four fun-filled hand-stamped packages from Touring Teddy.

Let the Journey begin!

The adventure starts with a fun-filled Introductory Luggage Box from Touring Teddy.
The letter within is personalized with the child's name, as well as who the gift is from.
Packages 2 & 3
Read of teddy's adventures in his country faraway...
Includes travel photos, a recipe card and souvenirs, too!
Package 4
Your Touring Teddy arrives!
Home from his travels, to play with his new BFF! Best friends forever!  

Surprise your child with one package after another!

The anticipation and excitement that builds from one package to the next, fosters a love for reading and cultural learning. Parents appreciate the educational touch, and kids just love getting 'surprises' in the mail. Don't we all :)


"Look what came in the mail for you!"

"Exploring together, letter by letter!" 

A gift of month-long surprises, learning, anticipation, and play.

With the final package containing Touring Teddy - home to stay!

What you get:



P.S. All letters from your Touring Teddy are PERSONALIZED!
Your custom note is printed on a gift tag, attached to the introductory luggage box. Your name is mentioned too!
*Please check for correct spelling when entering names at the checkout.

A bearific way to celebrate a birthday week - or birthday month!  

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