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Currently Available:

~ Bernardo in Italy ~

~ Hugo in France ~


 Choose Your Shipping Method

WEEKLY: We ship your child a package a week, for 4 consecutive weeks!
 SINGLE: Receive all 4 packages at once; hand them out to your child, at your convenience.


Surprise your child with mail that 'bears' their name on it :)
Enter your child's name in the ship-to field at checkout.

Let the journey begin... 

 Each Touring Teddy includes 4 adventure-filled packages.


Oncoming surprises, learning, adventure and play...

The final package contains Touring Teddy, home to stay!

"Look what came in the mail for you!"

"Exploring together, letter by letter!" 

The anticipation and excitement that builds from one package to the next, fosters a love for reading and cultural learning. Parents appreciate the educational touch, and kids love getting 'surprises' in the mail.  Don't we all! 


A bearific way to celebrate a birthday - all month long!   

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