How it Works

3 Simple Steps

1. Choose a Touring Teddy

Choose from:

Hugo in France Bernardo in Italy 

...or get both for siblings!

 Each gift experience includes 4-weekly, adventure-filled, personalized packages!


Enter your custom personalization at cart, and surprise your child with personally addressed mail from a new furry friend! P.S. Your name is also mentioned in teddy's introductory letter to your child.


We ship your child a fun-filled package each week, for 4 consecutive weeks!

The fourth package brings your Touring Teddy home - to stay and play fur-ever! 

*** Shipment Cycles Begin the First of Each Month ***

Example: Place your order in July, and your first package ships out on the first week of August; your additional 3 packages follow weekly, for a full month of cultural fun!*

*Delivery times may vary due to carrier holiday schedules.

Surprise your child with one package after another!

The anticipation and excitement that builds from one package to the next, fosters a love for reading and cultural learning. Parents appreciate the educational touch, and kids just love getting 'surprises' in the mail. Don't we all :)


"Look what came in the mail for you!"

"Exploring together, letter by letter!" 

A month-long gift of surprises, learning, anticipation, and play.

With the final package containing Touring Teddy - home to stay!

What you get:



P.S. All letters from your Touring Teddy are PERSONALIZED!
Your custom note is printed on a gift tag, attached to the introductory luggage box. Your name is mentioned too!
*Please check for correct spelling when entering names at the checkout.

A bearific way to celebrate a birthday week - or birthday month!  

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