To provide a gift experience which...

        • Is as rewarding to give as it is to receive.
        • Fosters a love for reading and learning
        • Instills an appreciation of other countries and cultures.
        • Awakens and excites your child's imagination.
        • Creates memories and brings on the smiles :)

    Each of us is likely familiar with the following;

    We sift through a pile of bills and junk mail, and come across a handwritten envelope containing a card from a loved one.

    This is the envelope we rip open first, and as we do, a smile comes to our face without effort. Reading warm words from a friend or relative, brightens the hour and perhaps our entire day.

    How wonderful it would be to give that feeling to a child you care about.

    In today's fast paced world of technology, computers, cell phones and video-games, our kids have advantages many of us grew up without. However, at the same time, they are missing out on some of the special experiences we had by living in a low-tech world.

    Touring Teddies provides you the opportunity to share with a child the feeling of anticipation and joy; that delightful feeling we get upon receiving a personally addressed letter from a far-away friend. 

    Running to the mailbox after school and checking eagerly for a letter or a package, is a fond memory many of us can relate to. For a child (and even us grown-ups) seeing his/her name on a personally addressed package brings forth a sense of excitement. Furthermore, the sensation of ripping an envelope open and holding the letter in hand while reading its content, is a feeling that cannot be replicated by the use of today's email. Yet, it is one that many of today's kids have yet to experience.

    When giving a Touring Teddy, the magic of mail is also combined with a healthy dose of cultural learning. The teddy letters, travel photos and toy souvenirs are filled with imaginative adventures, facts, and learning fun. Family interaction plays a big part as well. For example, an ethnic inspired recipe card is included with each gift, so that parent and child can further enjoy the Touring Teddies experience - together! 

    We stirred all these above mentioned 'ingredients' to create a memorable gift that you feel good giving.

    When you give a Touring Teddy, you gift so much more than a bear.
    You give an experience, building memories so dear!