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Touring Teddies Bernardo and Hugo are teddy bears that 'take a tour' of their country overseas - all the while sending you personally addressed packages. These packages contain letters from your Touring Teddy, as well as travel photos and toy souvenirs. When your Touring Teddy completes his journey, he comes home to stay and play - with you!

Celebrate a Birthday by Celebrating the Birth-MONTH! 

Touring Teddies WEEKLY gift option is the ideal birthday gift! 
The gift experience is comprised of four (4) packages that are shipped out separately on a weekly basis for four (4) consecutive weeks. This means that your gift will keep on giving ALL MONTH LONG!




Why Get a Touring Teddy?

The 4 packages which are sent to your home on a weekly basis (*or all at once) consist of correspondence from your Touring Teddy 'overseas', providing for a magical and educational gift experience. 

Reading letters from a Touring Teddy (or having them read) will give your child the opportunity to experience the joy of receiving a personally addressed letter; something that is becoming a lost art form in today’s fast paced age of technology. In addition, a Touring Teddy will expose your child to foreign countries on our beautiful planet; fostering an appreciation for the world we live in. 

The included travel photos will allow your child to see the wonderful sights their Touring Teddy visits. On each photo is a fact and/or a fun description of the picture.  The toy 'souvenirs' build anticipation and excitement for the letter to follow, that contains additional details of the travels taken by their Touring Teddy.  

Receiving packages from their very own Touring Teddy will have your child feeling as though they too are partaking in exciting travels.  Finally, imagine your child's joy and amazement when his/her Touring Teddy arrives at your door. The same Touring Teddy that sent the previous letters, photos and souvenirs, arrives home from his travels to your child - to stay and play 'fur'ever'. Choose a Touring Teddy and let the adventure begin!


A Bear-ific Gift For:

Birthdays & Holidays

Hospital Cheer / Get Well Soon Gift

Just Because I Love You!


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