The Touring Teddies Gift Experience

What is a Touring Teddy?


Touring Teddies are teddy bears that tour and explore, then come home to your door! 

Each Touring Teddy represents a specific country overseas.
Your chosen Touring Teddy sends your child personally addressed packages as he tours and explores his country.
These packages contain personalized letters from your Touring Teddy, travel photos, toy souvenirs, a recipe and so much more.
The largest of these packages contains your Touring Teddy - come home from his travels, to stay and play!


The gift experience is comprised of four (4) fun-filled personalized packages. These personalized packages are sent to your young explorer as 4 WEEKLY shipments.
It's the gift that keeps on coming, and giving!



Why Give a Touring Teddy as a Gift?

Because it's unique, exciting and educational.

Because kids love it - and parents do, too! 

Reading letters from a Touring Teddy, or having them read aloud, will give your child (or grandchild, niece, nephew...) the opportunity to experience the joy of receiving a personally addressed letter; something that is becoming a lost art form in today’s fast paced age of technology. In addition, a Touring Teddy will expose your child to foreign countries on our beautiful planet; fostering an appreciation for the world we live in. 

The included travel photos will allow your child to see the wonderful sights their Touring Teddy visits. On each photo is a fact and/or a fun description of the picture.  The toy 'souvenirs' build anticipation and excitement for the letter to follow. For children that are not yet fluent readers, the visual element of the photos, along with the fun souvenirs, sweetens the reading experience and brings teddy's adventure to life.

Talk about sweet... An ethnic inspired recipe is included with each Touring Teddy.

This offers another (and delicious) opportunity for parent-child interaction!

 Receiving one package after another from their very own Touring Teddy will have your child feeling as though they too are partaking in exciting travels.  Finally, imagine your child's joy and amazement when his/her Touring Teddy arrives. From here on Touring Teddy is home to stay and play 'fur'ever'. 

Let the journey begin!

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