White Paw Gift Service

White-Paw Service

Our White Paw Service is a one-of-a-kind courtesy; enjoy peace of mind in knowing that the Touring Teddy you chose has not been given to your recipient by anyone else previously. Your gift is delivered as a new and exciting experience.

At Touring Teddies World Wide, we appreciate you choosing a Touring Teddy based on its most unique elements. We also understand how upsetting it can be to spend your precious time browsing for "the most unique and perfect gift" for the child of your sister, cousin, friend, daughter, grandchild, neighbor, boss, etc. - only to find out after you purchase it, that the child already owns that very same toy you so carefully chose.

By ordering a Touring Teddy you know your gift is appreciated and unique.

As soon as you place an order, our systems will do a check to see if your recipient ever received a Touring Teddy from the same country you chose for him/her. If we find that the child you are purchasing for previously received a Touring Teddy from that same country, we will contact you via email and suggest a Touring Teddy from another country as an alternative Touring Teddy option**. See why this is a wonderful option - Double the Fun 

** If you find that the alternative Touring Teddy option presented to you does not suit your personal gift giving needs, we will then issue a FULL REFUND to your account.


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